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Signs of the Times

Tuesday 11th April – 30th May

Local resident Victor Bonnuto has been collecting late Victorian and early 20th century signs over the last 35 years, Washed by winter rain, gleaming in gaslight, these signs were a colourful addition to the often grim industrial landscape of the time. These signs produced using enamel on steel created a colourful and hardwearing form of advertising and
while many of the products cease to exist the signs now continue to add to a rich commentary on social history in Britain.

Penarth Pier Pavilion are delighted to host the first exhibition of these signs which have been part of the British high street over the last one hundred years.

The enamel advertising sign started to appear on our streets in late Victorian times circa 1890 and lasted until after the Second World War. The huge advantage of the enamelling process is the longevity of the signs. Signs could still be found in situ up until the 1960’s but in nothing like the numbers of their advertising heyday the 1900’s to 1930’s. Just occasionally you may find one or two still in place today.

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